Gaining Strength for What Lies Ahead

“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, get covered by the darkness and struggle to reach the light.”-Unknown.

When you bury a seed in the soil, you are not anxious about it becoming a tree on the very next day. The sun shines over it and droplets of rain assist its root to gather the potential required.

Confined to the ground, the contracted root expands through branches and a new energy is released.

It takes years for the seed to grow into a plant and then a tree with its root and branches gaining strength with time. 

It endures all seasons of the world and with each season, it grows into a much bigger and stronger tree. Flowers bloom and fruits grow upon it as a sign of creation and success.

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When the seed sprouts, you rejoice in its beginnings and you don’t judge it for not being stronger. You are aware that it will take time and you have to abide by it with patience.

You have grace for the natural process around you. Why don’t you have the same grace for yourself?

Life makes you walk along the curves of ups and downs. When you are hit by a sudden downfall, you get confined and It seems as though the light of the world is dimmed and gradually vanishing away without a trace.

You make a desperate attempt to overcome it as soon as possible, but you have to go through the darkness for a while until you are capable enough for the light to reach you.

You have to be patient with yourself as you would be with that planted seed. You have to stay still and observe the various possibilities that are in store for you.

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Gradually as you come out of the dark place, you are not the same person but a person who grew through the enduring process, thereby evolving into a stronger, happier and better version of you.

The energy that was confined within you is released and your body experiences certain sensations. This sensation is the healing source that the universe sends across to you.

My Experience

Having experienced this personally, it felt like a huge task at the beginning and I wanted to get rid of this heavy feeling very quickly.

My patience level was running thin. Meditation and speaking about it helped me to face it and grow through it. I am still working on mastering my patience and I have got better with it over time.

When life gets tough, stay calm like a seed, for a change is just around the corner. A change that will upgrade you to a greater version.

The hard and difficult situations in life exist to gain you the strength for what lies ahead- the future! 

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